2021 Butokuden Kendo Year End Tournament Adults: Sunday 19, 2021 / Juniors: Tuesday 21. 2021

Dear Butokuden Members:

For the past 17 years, our Dojo’s Year End Tournament and Party has been one of the biggest event of the year. We always had it on the 3rd Sunday of December, adults and juniors together, with the potluck party after the tournament. Last year for the first time, we cancelled the event. This year, I was hoping to have one, but the new Covid variants has been surging and I feel that it is not safe to do at a large scale as we did in the past. So we will have the events as follows.

  • Adults: December 19 (Sunday) 2:00 – 6:00 PM Tournament
  • Juniors: Tuesday 21. 2021 (4:30 – 7:00 PM)

Please fill out the form ASAP (on the bottom of this page), so we can start preparing the tournament brackets. There will be prizes for the winners.

I hope everyone can participate!



December 19 (Sunday) (Last Adults practice of the year will be on December 23 Thursday.)

2:00 – 4:00 PM Tournament

Adult Tournament Schedule

Opening Ceremony

  • National Anthem
  • Moment of Silence in memory of Hori sensei
  • Opening Speech
  • Return of Trophies
  • Sportsman’s pledge
  • Shinpancho’s Speech
  • Kendo Kata Demonstration: Ian Kotake (Uchitachi) x Gen Takahashi (Shitachi)



  • Non-Bogu
  • Women Kyu
  • Men Kyu
  • Adult Dan (3 Dan & Under)
  • Women Dan (1 Dan and up)
  • Sensei Division (4 Dan & up)
  • Senior Division (50 & up)


GENTEN Grand Finals

4:00 – 6:00 PM Closing ceremony and Refreshment



December 21 (Tuesday) This will be the last practice of 2021:

4:30 – 6:30 PM: Tournament

Junior Tournament Schedule

Opening Ceremony

  • Opening Speech
  • Sportsman’s pledge (Dan)
  • Shinpancho’s Speech
  • Kendo Kata Demonstration: Yuma (Motodachi) x Irene (Kakarite)



  • Non-Bogu
  • Bogu (Little)
  • Bogu (Intermediate)
  • Bogu (Advanced)

6:30 PM – 7:00 PM: Closing ceremony


Risako Sensei TOKUREN Kendo Practice Starts September 1, 2021

Butokuden Kendo Members wearing Bogu,

We will start Risako sensei’s TOKUREN practice starting September 1, 2021.

As you know, Risako sensei graduated from a very prestigious Kendo University in Japan, and she is currently a PhD Candidate in Sports Coaching. During her stay here in the USA, she will be sharing her knowledge with our Dojo juniors who wants to be better in Kendo (Adults are welcome to participate, if you can do practice the entire practice, but emphasis in on Juniors).  This is a great opportunity to learn from the best.

Time: Wednesdays 6 – 7 PM


  1. Butokuden Members only
  2. You must be wearing Bogu.



Wednesday Open Kendo Practice Re-starts September 1, 2021

Dear Butokuden Kendo Members and Friends:

We will start our Wednesday Kendo Open practices starting September 1, 2021.

Same as before the COVID, Wednesday practice is Jigeiko Only. We will practice 7 – 8PM, no warm-up, and we will go straight to Keiko at 7PM. So please come early and warm-up yourself before 7PM.


  1. You must be fully vaccinated.
  2. If you are not Butokuden Member, please complete https://www.butokuden.com/kodansha-keikokai-release-form/

Looking forward to practicing with you.


2021 Butokuden Winery Gasshuku (Aug 28-29, 2021)

Save your date!

We will have our annual Butokuden Winery Gasshuku as follows. Last year, we had to skip due to the pandemic, but we will have one this year!


Lompoc Recreational Center
124 W Walnut, Lompoc, CA 93436
Same as last year.


Zotovich Vineyards
5428 E Hwy 246, Lompoc, 93436.

Draft Schedule (Details to be announced at a later date):
8/28/2021 Saturday
Arrive in Lompoc at noon on August 28
Practice 1 – 4 PM.
BBQ Start 5PM (After practice, we will go back to the hotel, take a shower and head to the Vineyard)

8/29/2021 Sunday
Practice 9 – 10 AM
End of Gasshuku

Dojo rental:
Adult Kenshis: $20 (if more needed, I will ask for a few more dollar on the spot)
18 & Under: $0 FREE

Wine and BBQ:
Adult: $30
18 & Under: $5

Pictures from past Wine Gasshukus.


Please register using the form at the bottom of this page, so we can have an approximate head count.

PLEASE RSVP BY August 23th 2021!


2020 Butokuden International Kendo Gasshuku

Interested in joining our annual International Gasshuku? Please write to kendo@butokuden.com.


January 4, 2020

Dear Kendo Friends and Senseis:

Happy New Year! I hope 2020 will be a year full of happiness for all of you!

This year will be the 8th Annual Butokuden International Gasshuku. This Gasshuku was originally designed as part of the training for the Portuguese Kendo leaders.  I have set the objective of this Gasshuku to “Teach the correct Kendo and introduce the leaders with the correct method of teaching.” Since 2014, we have extended our invitation to not only Portuguese Kenshis, but to other countries as well. We have hosted Kenshis from various countries, such as Mexico, Colombia, Aruba, Ecuador, Venezuela, Trinidad & Tobago, Serbia and Portugal.

This year, we will be holding Gasshuku from March 14 – 21, 2020. The official start date of the Gasshuku in Monday March 15, but we will soft start on Saturday March 14, so you get used to the jetlag and adjust your body for the hard training. March 21 is Asageiko only then Dojo clean up and departure. I would like to extend our invitation to Kenshis across the world interested in participating in this Ko-Ken-Chi-Ai event.  This will be beneficial to all participants, by giving each other a chance to practice and grow their friendship with Kenshis around the world.

On Sunday March 15, there will be our federation Godogeiko, and over 50 people gather for practice. It will be a good opportunity to practice with different people. We are conducting this Gasshuku one month earlier than previous years, due to conflict in schedule with the European Kendo Championships and Easter holidays.

Gasshuku information:

  • Location: BUTOKUDEN Dojo, 1581 Browning, Irvine, CA 92606 USA
  • Dates/Schedule (See “2020 Butokuden Gasshuku Schedule” for details):
  • Arrival Date: From Thursday, March 12, 2020
  • Gasshuku: Soft Start on Saturday, March 14, 2020
  • Official Gasshuku days: Monday March 16 to Saturday, March 21, 2020 (March 21 is AM only)
  • Instructors:
  • Taro Ariga (Kyoshi 7 Dan) and Butokuden Dojo Senseis
  • Language: Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Japanese
  • Participation Fee: Free
  • url: www.butokuden.com
  • Phone: +1.949.756.8880

Participation requirements:

  • Member of an accredited Kendo Organization in your country.
  • Authorization from your Country’s Kendo Organization leader.
  • Participants must participate for the entire Gasshuku (Monday March 16 to Saturday March 21). If for some reason you can not attend the entire Gasshuku, please let me know, and we may be able to make some exceptions.
  • The Gasshuku is focused to Kendo leaders or future leaders in your country.
  • The training is very rigorous. Participants must be in good health condition to participate.
  • Participants must have medical insurance valid in the USA.
  • Due to logistics, a maximum of 3 people from each country (please inquire if more people want to participate. We do make exceptions!).
  • The participating Kenshis must be 2 Dan or above form accredited FIK organization

Important information:

  • Gasshuku Participation Fee: FREE
  • Breakfast and lunch: E-BOGU will provide basic food (Bread, butter, milk, coffee, etc.). In the past, participants made a pool to buy extra food. There is a Walmart within walking distance. Approximate budget for one week is about $50 ~ 80/person.
  • Most nights, we will go out for dinner. Dinner is to be paid by each participant (Approximately $15/meal). In the past, Butokuden Dojo members volunteered to cook for the Gasshuku members for some of the evenings.
  • Transportation to the Gasshuku is to be arranged by the participants. If arriving at SNA (Orange County John Wayne Airport), pickup can be arranged. If arriving in LAX, please let us know as we will try to arrange a ride. If we cannot arrange a ride, you will have to find your own way to the Dojo. See additional information below. You can share a ride with other Gasshuku participants.
  • You can stay a few days longer at the Dojo after the Gasshuku, as well as you can arrive a few days earlier before the Gasshuku to adjust your body condition.
  • Lodging: Participants will have the choice of sleeping in the Dojo or staying at a hotel nearby. We recommend staying at the Dojo because it is more fun!
    1. Dojo: FREE (bring a sleeping bag, or you can purchase at a nearby Walmart for approximately $25).
    2. Hotel: there are hotels near the Dojo starting at approximately $35 to $50/night per person (double occupancy). About 10 minutes walking distance from the Dojo.

I lived in Brazil for many years, and I understand that travelling to the USA may be challenging especially for Kenshis from countries in Central and South America, both financially and acquiring travel documents. To have as many participants from various countries, my goal is to make this Gasshuku as affordable as possible.

Please let me know if someone from your country is interested in being part of this Gasshuku. Please reply to me with the application form to kendo@butokuden.com by February 15, 2020. I am looking forward to having many countries participating.

Sincerely yours,

Taro Ariga

Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan

Butokuden Dojo Head Instructor


Additional Information:

  • Dojo Address: BUTOKUDEN Dojo, 1581 Browning, Irvine, CA 92606 USA
  • Nearby airports:
    • John Wayne (Orange County, Santa Ana) Airport (Airport code SNA): 5 min by car
    • Los Angeles International (Airport Code LAX): 1 hour by car (Approximate cost, shuttle bus $40, UBER $60)
    • Long Beach Airport (Airport Code LGB): 30 minutes by car
  • Accommodation near the Dojo:
    • Motel 6: 1717 E Dyer Rd, Santa Ana, CA 92705 (0.8 Miles from Dojo) ($35/person double occupancy)
    • Candlewood Suites: 2600 South Red Hill Avenue, Santa Ana, CA ($102 + Tax per room, for 2 people in a room) (0.4 Miles from Dojo)
  • Places to see:
    • Disneyland (15 minutes by car)
    • Knot’s Berry Farm Park (20 minutes by car)
    • Newport Beach (15 minutes by car)
    • Universal Studios (1 hour by car)
    • Hollywood, Santa Monica (1 hour by car)
    • California Science Center – Space Shuttle Endeavour (1 hour by car)
    • Sea World (1.5 hours by car)
    • San Diego Zoo (1.5 hours by car)

Toshigoshigeiko 2019 – 2020 Information

Toshigoshigeiko 2019 information:

Location: Butokuden Dojo (1581 Browning, Irvine, CA 92606)

Dojo Opens at 10:45PM
2019 Practice starts at 11:15 PM (Jigeiko Only, so please warm up yourself prior to Keiko)
2019 Practice ends at 11:55 PM

Countdown and New Year Celebration! at MIDNIGHT

2020 Practice starts at 00:10 AM
2020 Practice ends at 00:50 AM
Ozoni (Japanese rice cake soup) and Sake Party

Everyone is welcome! Hope to see you all!

Picture from 2018 – 2019 Toshigoshikeiko.


2019 Butokuden Christmas Tournament & Party (Sunday, Dec.15.19)

Butokuden Kendo Members!
This is the biggest event of our Dojo. I hope everyone can make it! A lot of games and prizes.

Tentative Schedule:

Part 1: Tournament (it may vary depending on the progress):
10:30 Roll call
11:00 Opening ceremony
11:30 Junior Tournament Starts
12:30 Junior Finals
13:30 Adult’s Tournament
14:30 Martial Arts Demonstration
15:00 Adult’s Finals
15:30 Closing Ceremony. Awards Ceremony

Part 2: Christmas Party
16:00 Party preparation
16:30 Christmas Party Starts
Potluck Dinner, Games, Santa Claus Visit, Talent Show, Present Exchange
20:00 Party Close

1) Dinner will be Potluck, so please bring your favorite dishes.
2) Present donation are welcome for Game and Talent show prizes.
3) For present exchange, please bring a gift of the following amount: Kids: up to $5, Adults: up to $10

*Bogu Division winners will compete in a Grand Champion Tournament Round! 1st Place Prize is a bogu set!*

Divisions (May vary depending on the number of participants in each division):
1. Junior Non-Bogu A (5 – 7 years old)
2. Junior Non-Bogu B (7 – 14 years old)
3. Junior A (0 Kyu – 3 Kyu: 9 years old and under)
4. Junior B (0 Kyu – 3 Kyu: 10 – 14 years old)
5. Junior C (2 Kyu – 1 Kyu: 14 years old and under)
6. Junior D (15 – 18 years old)
7. Junior Girls (10 – 18 years old)
8. Adult Non-Bogu (15 years old and older)
9. Adult Kyu (19 years old and older)
10. Men’s Dan (1 Dan – 3 Dan: 19 years old and older)
11. Women’s Dan (1 Dan and up: 19 years old and older)
12. Masters (45 years old and older)
13. Sensei (4 Dan and up)
* Players in the following can participate in multiple divisions
(Adult Kyu, Men’s Dan, Women’s Dan in Masters)
(Junior Girls in Junior Division)
*Division 1 – 9 have qualifying round before tournament.
*Time: Division 3 – 7 & 9: 2 min, Division 10 – 13: 3 min (may change)