Kyudo Promotion test in Tokyo

It held Kyudo promotion test in Tokyo.
This is the students from Butokuden who passed this time!

Takahashi Hoshina – Shodan
Akemi Kotaki – 3 Dan
Sara Kurachi – 3 Dan
Toshitsugu Fujimura – 3 Dan
Jeremy Cail – 4 Dan
George Nakashima – 5 Dan
Masatsugu Owaki – Renshi


Butokuden Kyudo Member joined the Inaugural Kyudo World Cup!!

On April 21st, 2010 the American Kyudo Team USA will be flying to Japan to compete in the Inaugural Kyudo World Cup. The competition will pit the Team USA members against teams from all around the world, including Germany, France, England and Japan. The World Cup will be held every three years and is considered the Olympics of Kyudo. The team members are Doug Sakurai Renshi 5th Dan, Maria Peterson Renshi 5th Dan and Masa Owaki 5th Dan. Both Doug and Masa are from Butokuden Dojo in Irvine California, and are members of the Southern California Kyudo Renmei. Maria is a member of the Northern California Kyudo Federation.

Kyudo Seminar in Spartanburg SC

Message from Doug Sakurai Sensei

“From July 27-August 1, twenty five kyudo students from Southern California, including many from Butokuden dojo will be traveling to Spartanburg, South Carolina for our annual American Kyudo Seminar. There will be 5 days of instruction from three Hachidan Hanshi instructors sent from Japan and an opportunity to test for rank on August 1. Good luck to all those students testing. There will be no kyudo class at Butokuden on July 27th.”

BUTOKUDEN Dojo Martial Arts Training Center

We have opened a new website for our BUTOKUDEN Dojo Martial Arts Training Center.

Now, Martial Artists in the Orange County, California have a place to enjoy practicing various styles of Japanese authentic Martial Arts in one single location, BUTOKUDEN. We have classes for all levels in Kendo, Karate, Kyudo, Jiu-Jitsu, Aikido, and Jodo. BUTOKUDEN is 100% backed by, Inc., world leading Martial Arts equipment supplier, in order to promote Martial Arts to the community.

In the olden days in Japan, every major city had a place called BUTOKUDEN. This is where Martial Arts were taught to the community, and also a cultural gathering place, where children and young adults were taught the philosophy of Bushido through the Arts of Budo.

We have students from all over Los Angeles, Orange County, San Bernardino and San Diego area.