Tomoharu Ito sensei visit to Butokuden Dojo and 10 years Celebration of our Dojo

Tomoharu Ito sensei is Taro sensei’s Sensei from Tokyo Japan. He was the head of the Tokyo Metropolitan Police Arresting Technique Department (Taihojutsu), and holds 8 Dan in both Kendo and Iaido. He is retired from the Police force but he still teaches at various Dojos in Japan, including the IBM Japan Kendo Club, which was founded by Taro Sensei in 1993.

Taro sensei met Ito sensei at Tokyo Metropolitan Police in 1988, when he went to the Police for the first time to prepare himself for the 1988 World Kendo Championships.  Photo taken back in 1988.

Ito sensei will be visiting our Dojo in October and is planning to teach our classes on the following days.

  • Tuesday 10/11
  • Wednesday 10/12
  • Thursday 10/13

We will have a special practice celebrating our New Butokuden Dojo’s 10 year anniversary. (For people that does not know, our Dojo started in 2004 at our old location, but we started practicing at our current location in 2012).

After the practice will have a potluck lunch. Please sign up to bring a dish (use the form on the bottom of the page).

Sunday 10/16 @ Butokuden Dojo

  • Practice: 9AM – 12PM
  • Potluck party: 1:00PM – 3PM

Picture below is from 2012 opening ceremony of our New Dojo.

We hope everyone can attend. Please use the link below to sign up.