52nd Steveston Kendo Tournament at Vancouver, Canada (February 8, 2014)

BUTOKUDEN Kendo Members:

As I mentioned during my Christmas presentation, the Steveston Tournament will be on Feb 23, in Steveston, BC, Canada. This is one of the biggest tournament in North America, with participants from Canada, USA, and Hawaii. It is only a 2 hours flight, and the food is great. If you want to stay a few extra days, one of the best skiing in the world, is not too far away. The entry fee is by donation. If you are interested, please sign up using the form below. Please RSVP by January 14.


Date: February 8, 2014 9:00am

Location: McMath High School, 4251 Garry Street, Richmond, B.C.

Fee: Donation

Hotel Info: Sheraton Vancouver Airport Hotel

7551 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A3

Ph: (604) 273.7878

Room rates: $114/night + tax



Individual matches

Junior > 10 Years & Under > 11–13 Years > 14–15 Years Ladies > 16 Years+ (1 Dan & Under) > 16 Years+ Older (2 Dan & Over)

Adult Kyu > 16 Years+ (0–4 KYU) > 16 Years+ (1–3 KYU)

Yudansha > 1–2 dan > 3 dan > 4 dan+

Team Matches > Junior (15 years & under) > Senior (16 years+)

PLEASE NOTE 1. There will only be one (1) encho of “2 min” for individual junior/non-degree/ ladies/1-2 dan divisions as well as only one (1) “3 min” encho for the 3 dan/4 dan & above divisions. 2. Categories are subject to change depending upon the number of entries. 3. Participants will be allowed to enter into one (1) individual category only. 4. Due to the high number of entrants and the use of five (5) courts, it will be the responsibility of each Kenshi/Delegation Leader to ensure that their players are available at their designated courts or risk disqualification.