2012 Nisei Week Tournament Entry Form

Nisei Week Tournament  (Goodwill Match with Kanto Gakuren group and Godo Keiko):
	Date: 	Sunday, August 12, 2012	Time:	8:00am to 8:30am (Sign-in), 9am start
	Location (NEW):	Fountain Valley High School
				17816 Bushard Street 
				Fountain Valley, CA 92708
	Program:	Adult Kyu and Yudansha Individual matches
			Goodwill Team Matches with Kanto Gakuren Students
			Godo Keiko (apprx. 4pm -5pm) Immediately following end of tournament

Tournament (Individual Matches;  Time Limit T.B.A.)

- Adult Kyu (18 years and older)
- Women’s Dan *
- 1 Dan
- 2 Dan
- 3 Dan
- 4 Dan
- 5 Dan and above