2019 SCKO Christmas Kendo Tournament (SIGN UP FOR BUTOKUDEN MEMBERS ONLY)


Entry Fee:  $0 per Competitor.  Happy Holidays!

Date:  Sunday, December 8th, 2019

Place: Torrance High School,   2200 W. Carson Street, Torrance, CA 90501

Do not go to West High!!  

Approximate Time Schedule

8:00 am Setup
8:30 am Registration
9:00 am Opening Ceremony
9:15 am Tournament Starts
12:00 pm Lunch time
Kids fun event, Red and White and Godo Keiko
4:30 pm Closing Ceremony
5:00 pm cleaning up

Court Volunteers: Please provide volunteers from each dojo (at least 3-5 people per dojo).
Volunteers, please arrive at 8:00 am for setup and meeting.

Lunch: Lunch will NOT be provided for Sensei and Volunteers. Please bring your own special
Lunch or you may order bento.

Bento box $10.00


Non-Bogu Matches : Single Elimination

·         12 & Under Non-Bogu Division
·         13 & Over Non-Bogu Division

Jr Youth

·         9 years old & under (Boys & Girls)
·         10-12 years old, 6-4 Kyu (Boys & Girls)
·         10-12 years old, 3-1 Kyu (Boys & Girls)

Sr Youth

·         13-15 Years Old any rank (Boys & Girls)
·         16-18 Year Old  any rank (Boys & Girls)


·         19 years old over , Women’s Kyu
·         19 – 39 years old, Women’s Dan
·         40 years old & above, Women’s Dan

Men’s Kyu

·         19 years old over Men’s Kyu

Men’s Dan

·         19 years old Men’s 1-2 Dan
·         Men’s 3-4 Dan (All Ages)
·         5 Dan up (All ages)

Date: 12/08

Time: 6PM


Sea Empress (Chinese Restaurant)

1636 W Redondo Beach Blvd

Gardena, CA 90247

*About 15 mins drive from Torrance High.

Fee: $30 per person (Tax and Tip included) *Beverages are not included.

*Kid’s rate: TBD

  1. Individual Match : **Divisions subject to change depending on registration**

  2. Red-White Special Team Match: If time allows.


  1. Regulations of the matches will follow “The Regulation of Kendo Shiai and Shinpan” set forth by the Federation of International Kendo (FIK).

  2. Tsuki Waza and Jodan are authorized for over 16 years old only AND MUST HAVE Dan Rank.

  3. Each kenshi can only participate in one division and is responsible for bringing one’s own Me-Jirushi

  4. Tournament brackets will be made right before the tournament. Depending on the number of participants, some divisions may be combined with others.