2017 SCKO Shinpan (Referee) Seminar

Date: 5/21/2017 @ Butokuden
Time: 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM (Godo keiko 3:45 – 4:45)

Instructor: Hori sensei 7 Dan, Ariga sensei 7 Dan and Okawa sensei 7 Dan
Participants: Kendo rank of 1 Dan and above (Over 14 years old)
Please come prepared with:
– Shinpan Ki (Referee Flags)
– Mejiryushi (Red/White Ribbon tags)
– Referee Booklet (2006 ver.)
– Kendo Dogu and Shinai

Please pay upon arrival: $10 Bento fee (Pay to: Southern California Kendo Organization) The deadline for the application is May 6th. Please send us back.

We need volunteers as player. Kyu rank and children are also welcome.
Could you please ask your dojo members. If anyone can participate as player, also please write their name on the list. This is very good opportunity for learning about referee and improving your skill. We are looking forward to many people taking this opportunity to attend!