Shin Sensei’s “Have a Safe Trip” and Nagisa Sensei’s Welcome Potluck Party

Dear Butokuden Members:

As you know Shin Sensei will be temporarily going back to Japan on April 8 (actually, he is going to Portugal for 9 weeks to teach Kendo, before going back to Japan). So, his last practice at our Dojo will be April 3. He is planned to come back to our Dojo in October.

Most of the non-bogus, or the ones that recently started wearing the Bogu, have been taught by Shin sensei.  Also, he has been running a special Keiko on Wednesdays to strengthen our Junior group.

So, I would like to have a pot-luck party for him on April 3 as following:

  • 1BU: Normal schedule
  • Joint 2BU and 3BU: 5PM – 7PM (Adults: Even if you are late, please try to make it to the last part of the practice)
  • Potluck Party: 7PM – 9PM (1BU Kids too, please attend!)

Please sign up using the form below, so we have an idea of the number of people who are going to be present, and the type of food we will have.

Starting next week, Nagisa Sensei will be helping me teach the Non-bogu group as Shin sensei did. She will be arriving to our Dojo this week. Nagisa sensei has recently graduated from the Osaka University of Education, and she is planning to stay here for 1 year, working at E-BOGU and training with us. She has won many titles in Japan. Just to name a few: All Japan High School Champion, All Japan University Champion. Watch her 2012 University Championships finals here. (Nagisa is the one on red Mejirushi)

I hope everyone can make it to practice and party!