2014 Portuguese National Team and Latin American Leader’s Joint Gasshuku (March 15 – 22)

I have been coaching the Portuguese National team for the last 10 years, and since 2013, they have been coming to BUTOKUDEN Dojo for a week of Kendo Gasshuku. This year, we have also invited the Latin American countries leaders to come and participate at our Gasshuku. We will have participants from Portugal, Mexico, Ecuador, Aruba and Colombia.

Anyone in the area, who wants to participate at any time slots are welcome to attend. I recommend the Asageiko (Morning practice). It makes your day much more productive. Here is the tentative schedule for the Gasshuku. (Click to enlarge)


Morning Practices (Jigeiko only)

Basic Practice @ Butokuden
We will focus on basic practices without and with Bogu. Footwork, Suburi, Basic Strikes, and Bokuto Ni Yoru Kihon Keikoho

Advanced Practice @ Butokuden
We will focus in Drills, Waza Practice, Kata, Shiai, Shinpan Skills
We will have Jigeiko at the end of each practice

USA Team Practice
Tentatively schedule a joint practice with the USA team (If schedule matches)

Regular Butokuden Keiko Junior
Our Dojo Elementary School and Junior High School Class. Join the drills and learn how to teach a kids class. Our juniors were USA Champion in 2012

Regular Butokuden Keiko Adult
Our Dojo High School and older Class. Join the drills and learn how to teach adults.

Butokuden Open Jigeiko
Once a week, we have Jigeiko only pracitce, and many people from other Dojos come and join our practices

SCKO (Southern California Kendo Organization) Godogeiko @ Butokuden
Our Organization monthly practice. About 60 people from different Dojos join the practice

SCKO Team Practice @ Butokuden
SCKO Team practice preparing for the 2014 All USA Kendo Tournament