BUTOKUDEN Dojo Toshigoshi Keiko 2013 – 2014

 Dec 31: Toshigoshi Keiko (11 pm)

This is an annual event at our Dojo. We have been doing Toshigoshi Keiko since the start of our Dojo, back in 2004. We start practice at 11:00PM on new year’s eve, practice until midnight, we stop the Keiko to celebrate the new year, and then we go back to practice again, until approximately 1AM.  After practice please stay to enjoy Mrs. Ariga’s delicious Ozoni (Japanese traditional Mochi Soup). All levels from all Dojos are welcome to participate.

Dec 31 Schedule:

  • Dojo Opens at 10:45PM
  • 2013 Practice starts at 11:15 PM (Jigeiko Only, so please warm up yourself prior to Keiko)
  • 2013 Practice ends at 11:55 PM
  • New Year Celebration!
  • 2014 Practice starts at 00:10 AM
  • 2014 Practice ends at 00:50 AM
  • Ozoni and Sake Party

Pictures from 2012 – 2013 Toshigoshi Keiko

Toshigoshi Keiko 2012 -2013 IMG_2312_tnIMG_2304_tn IMG_2307_tn

Please sign up below, so we now approximate people are coming, in order to prepare the Ozoni.