Date : Sunday, December 8th

Roll Call : 8:30am

Shinpan Meeting Start : 8:45am

Tournament Start : 9:00am

Location : Cerritos Community Regional Park (19700 South Bloomfield Ave Cerritos, CA 90710)

Eligibility : SCKO Members Only

Entree Fee : None

Bento : All Shinpan and Volunteers, Lunch will be provided by SCKO. *Shinpan must be 3 Dan & Over.

Dead Line : November 20th



Individual Divisions


*Competition format for Non-Bogu is as follows:

Non-Bogu Matches : Single Elimination

Men 2 times, Kote 2 times, Do 2 times for the first match,

Kirikaeshi for the second to semi final match,

Kote-Men 2 times, Kote-Do 2 times in final match.

Winners will be judged by Shinpan.


9 & Under Boys & Girls

10 – 12 Boys & Girls

13&Over Women’s Kyu

13&Over Women’s Dan

13&Over Men’s Kyu

13&Over Men’s Dan (1-2Dan Only)

Men’s Dan (Over 3Dan, Any Age)

Groups of 3 Round-Robin Matches, followed by single elimination tournament

Each participant can enter in only one division.

Rank as of November 1st, 2013.


Team Match Division (One or Two Teams per Dojo)

Senpo : 12 & Under

Jiho : 18 & Under

Chuken : Woman Any Rank

Fukusho : 19 & Older Any Rank

Taisho : 19 & Older Any Rank

Team Matches : Single Elimination


Please fill out the application below: