Naginata Classes at Butokuden Dojo Started!

Dear Naginata Enthusiasts:

We have officially started our Naginata classes at BUTOKUDEN Dojo. The classes will be held twice per month in the following schedule:

Saturday, October 13 (10AM – 12 noon)
Saturday, October 20 (10AM – 12 noon)
Saturday, November 17 (10AM – 12 noon)
Saturday, November 24 (10AM – 12 noon)
Saturday, December 1 (10AM – 12 noon)
Saturday, December 15 (10AM – 12 noon)

Location: Butokuden Dojo
1581 Browning, Irvine, CA 92606 USA, Phone: 949.756.8880

The classes will be headed by Helen Nakano Sensei (President of Southern California Naginata Federation – SCNF, Vice-president of International Naginata Federation), Andrea Vyas (4 Dan), and SCNF members.

Any questions, please feel free to contact
Monthly Fee: $25/month

Annual Naginata Federation fees:
Adult: $75
Under 18: $40

All new students who sign up for Naginata will be required to join the following for insurance purposes:
a) USNF (United States Naginata Federation)
b) SCNF (Southern California Naginata Federation
Annual USNF/SCNF fee is for the period April 1 – March 31
a) Adult: $40 USNF + $35 SCNF = Totals $75
b) Under 18: $20 USNF + SCNF $20 = Totals $40
Check should be made out to SCNF for both USNF and SCNF. SCNF Application Form and Waiver will be given to all students at the beginning of the class. This membership would allow each member to practice at any other Naginata dojo in SCNF, as well as participate in SCNF and USNF seminars, taikais, and testing.

For people interested in participating at the Butokuden Dojo Naginata classes, please use the form below: