2012 Nikkei Games Kendo Tournament Sign up Sheet

2012 Nikkei Games: Budo Tournament (Kendo)
Date: August 26, 2012
Sign In: 8:00-8:45am
Location: Next level Sports Complex
12821 Knott Street, Garden Grove, CA

*Kyu Divisions: Individuals

– 10 and under
– 11-13 yrs
– 14-15 yrs
– 16-17 yrs
– Women’s Kyu (14 and older)

Rules: 3 Minutes, 2 minute Encho, Hantei, (Except Semi Finals and Finals)

Tournament Regulations:
1.All Kyu Divisions, The tsuki point will not be considered valid, A participant may only use the chudan position to strike from, All points from other non chudan kamae will not be considered a valid point.
2.For all Kyu Divisions, Hidari Do (Gyaku Do) will be considered as a valid point.

Nisei Week Team Tournament. 5 Person Team. 1 Team per Dojo.
Sempo Kyu: 10 and under
Jiho Kyu: 13 and under
Chuken Kyu: 15 and under
Fukusho Kyu: Any Kyu, Any Age
Taisho Kyu (Captain): Any Kyu, Any Age

*Kachinuki Team
3 kenshi consisting of any combination of below mentioned:
– Adult kyu (18 years of age and older)
– Yudansha (up to 3 dan and 30 years of age and older)
Minimum of 2 kenshi per team.