Steveston 2010

Every year, I go to Steveston Tournament in Vancouver Canada. This is a tournament that I have been going since the 80s, and it has become an yearly event for me. There are participants from all over Canada (West to east), from the USA, Hawaii, and sometimes Mexico. This year, due to the Winter Olympics, the tournament was postponed to May, instead of the usual February.

This year again, the number of participants were well over 300.

Butokuden sent a team and we came 3rd place in the team matches, losing to SCKO team, which was composed with the last US Team. In the individual matches, I came 3rd place, in the 4 Dan and above division.

Here is the 3rd place team.

From 100508-Steveston

Also the link for some of the pictures…

Taro Ariga

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