SCKO Jr Kendo Godogeiko with SCKF Jr

To all SCKO Juniors:

I hope everyone is practicing very hard.

I have spoken to Chris Yang Sensei (SCKF Junior Coach) and we are planning to do a Godogeiko with the SCKF Juniors.

Location: Norwalk Dojo
Date/Time: Sunday May 2, 9AM 9 – 12AM
Meeting time: 8:30AM
Norwalk Kendo Dojo
14615 Gridley Rd
Norwalk CA 90650

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NOTE: This practice is open to ALL JUNIORS (not only the ones that will be going to the AUSKF Championships). SO EVERYONE IS WELCOME!

This is a great opportunity to meet people at your age group, make new friends, and have a great time at practice.  Hope to see you all.

Taro Ariga

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