KENDO Upcoming Events (Feb – June 2010)

BUTOKUDEN Kendo Members:

Here is an update on the upcoming events for the first Half of 2010. The events in Red are of major importance.


21: SCKO Godo Geiko (Selection for AUSKF Junior Tournament)

26 – 28: Ariga in Mexico for Kendo Seminar


4 – 8: Ariga in Portugal for Team Gasshuku

12 – 14: Ariga in Hong Kong for Asia Tournament (Tentative)

20 – 22: All Japan Dojo Renmei Kids in LA (Home stay at Ogikubo and Gibbon’s home)

26 – 27: IKF Shinpan Seminar in Vancouver


9 – 11: Ariga in Hungary for the European Championships

18: SCKO Promotion Exam


8: Steveston Tournament (Vancouver Canada)

16: SCKO Shinpan Seminar

30: Memorial Day Tournament


19: Tengu Cup (Frankfurt, Germany)

26: Women’s Tournament in Seattle

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