AUSKF & SCKO Annual Membership Renewal (DEADLINE: 2/19/2010)

BUTOKUDEN Kendo Members

DEADLINE: 2/19/2010

Please fill in the form below in order to renew your annual AUSKF and SCKO Membership.
You must be a member of AUSKF (All US Kendo Federation) and SCKO (Southern California Kendo Organization) in order to participate in tournaments, promotion exams, seminars, and to be covered by the insurance, provided by the AUSKF.

The membership fees are the following:

Adult (18 and over) $70 (AUSKF $40 + SCKO $30)
Youth (17 and under) $45 (AUSKF $25 + SCKO $20)

Please make a check payable to BUTOKUDEN and give it to the following people:
Ariga Sensei