Kancho Joko Ninomiya Seminar

Nov. 7-8 2009

Kancho Ninomiya visited Butokuden for the 4th annual special training seminar. 11 adult students and 18 kids students from Butokuden had a very rare opportunity to learn directly from Kancho. On the same day, Alex Hayato Mikasa completed 10-men kumite and got promoted to 1st Degree Black Belt after 4 years of hard training.

Enshin Karate Inter-Dojo Tournament at Denver, Colorado

Nov. 14, 2009

Yoko Nitta and Yoshimi Asano represented Enshin Karate Irvine Branch at Butokuden to participate the annual Inter-Dojo Tournament that was held at Enshin Karate Headquarter in Denver, Colorado. Although it was their very first time to compete in any Karate tournament, they both impressed other Enshin members by their superior performance and brought 2 trophies back to Butokuden.

Kata Division (co-ed):

3rd Place Yoko Nitta

4th Place Yoshimi Asano

Men Advanced Kumite Division:

1st Place Yoshimi Asano