Shodai Sensei Kendo Seminar

This is a special message from SCKO Secretary Okawa Sensei. Shodai Sensei was part of the Japanese team. I would strongly recommend attending this seminar, and feel how a All Japan level is. You can watch his video against USA here. ----------- Special Seminar with All Japan Kendo Champion We will have a special kendo seminar with the 2008 All Japan Kendo Champion, Kenji Shodai. It is an excellent opportunity to learn great kendo and we encourage your attendance. Date: November 21st, Saturday Place: Wilson Park 2200 Crenshaw Blvd Torrance, CA 90501 Time: 3:00 PM Start (arrive early) Instructor: Shodai Kenji Sensei, 5dan Kanagawa Police Department 2008 All Japan Kendo Tournament Champion Content: Basics of Kendo seminar Offence to JODAN stance Defense to JODAN stance Eligibility: SCKO, SCKF and Western…
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