Seo Sensei’s visit to Butokuden Dojo

BUTOKUDEN Kendo Members: Subject: Seo Sensei’s (Kendo 8 Dan) visit Date: December 10 Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM From Small Seo Sensei (Executive Vice President of Korean Kumdo Federation for Social Members ) will be visiting our Dojo on December 10. We will have an open practice starting at 7PM. Thanks to Kim sensei, we were able to arrange Seo Sensei’s visit to our Dojo, during his busy schedule here in the USA. I have known Seo Sensei from a long time ago, and he took very good care of me when I went to Korea for Kendo training back in 2001. He was also one of the referees who refereed my match at the 11WKC in 2000 (Semi Finals, Taisho match Canada x Japan). You can watch that match…
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