18th Annual Memorial Day Kendo Tournament (Sunday May 25th, 2014)


Sunday, May 25th, 2014

RSVP: May 6


1. Date: Sunday, May 25th, 2014 2. Place: Marina High School (15871 Springdale Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92649) 3. Roll Call: On the tournament date, registration will take place from 8:30 to 9:00 am (PST). 4. Eligibility: Valid […]

52nd Steveston Kendo Tournament at Vancouver, Canada (February 8, 2014)

BUTOKUDEN Kendo Members: As I mentioned during my Christmas presentation, the Steveston Tournament will be on Feb 23, in Steveston, BC, Canada. This is one of the biggest tournament in North America, with participants from Canada, USA, and Hawaii. It is only a 2 hours flight, and the food is great. If you want to […]

2010 Nikkei Games: Budo Tournament (Kendo)

Date: August 15,2010 Roll Call: 7:30 AM Place: CSULB, Pyramid

Tournaments *Yudansha Divisions (Regular Tournament) 1 dan, 2 dan,3 dan,4 dan, and women’s dan Rules: 4 minutes, unlimited Extension

*Kyu Team 0-4 Kyu Team (3 kenshi, 17 yeas of age and under) 3-1 Kyu Team (3 kenshi, 17 years of age and under) Rules: Each […]

70th Annual NISEI WEEK Kendo Tournaments

Kyu Tournaments AUGUST 22,2010 Roll Call 8:00~8:30 (all divisions) Place: Hompa Honganji 815 East First St Los Angeles, CA 90012

Tournament Individual Matches; 3 minutes, 2 min extension, hantei (Except semifinals and final) Team Matches; 3 minutes, no extension

Divisions 10years and under any kyu 11 to 13 years any kyu 14 to 15 years […]