Date: Sunday, July 25, 2010

Independence High School
1776 Educational Drive
San Jose, CA 95133-1703

9 years and under
10-11 years old
12-13 years old
14-15 years old
16-18 years old
13-under girls
14-18 girls
5 or 7 person team (TBD)
(Divisions subject to change depending on number of participants)

Shinpan: 4-dan and above eligible for selection
Entry Fee: $25 per participant (non-refundable)
Bento: $10/person

Shiai rules:
Individual Championships will be OPEN to anyone with AUSKF membership
Time Limit: 3 minutes with unlimited encho
Team Championships will consist of up to 2 teams per federation (to be decided by federation at the Championships)
Team matches will consist of 5 members selected from each age group as outlined below (see chart below)
Team Competition:
Sempo: 12 Years and Under
Jiho: 12 Years and Under
Chuken: 15 Years and Under
Fukusho: 18 Years and Under
Taisho: 18 Years and Under

Time Limit: 3 minutes
In case of daihyo-sen, match will be determined by ippon-shobu
Tsuki, jodan-no-kamae, and gyaku-do are valid only for 16-18 year old age group in both Individual and Team Championships. Nito is not allowed.
Taikai format (round robin, tournament brackets, etc) of both the Individual and Team Championships will be announced at a later date depending on the number of participants
All other rules will comply with standard ruels and regulations set forth by the Federation of International Kendo (FIK)
Shinai size and weight must comply with standard FIK regulations (see chart below)

Official Tournament Hotel:
Santa Clarita Marriott
2700 Mission College Boulevard
Santa Clara, CA 95054

For more info please access

KENDO Upcoming Events (Feb – June 2010)

BUTOKUDEN Kendo Members:

Here is an update on the upcoming events for the first Half of 2010. The events in Red are of major importance.


21: SCKO Godo Geiko (Selection for AUSKF Junior Tournament)

26 – 28: Ariga in Mexico for Kendo Seminar


4 – 8: Ariga in Portugal for Team Gasshuku

12 – 14: Ariga in Hong Kong for Asia Tournament (Tentative)

20 – 22: All Japan Dojo Renmei Kids in LA (Home stay at Ogikubo and Gibbon’s home)

26 – 27: IKF Shinpan Seminar in Vancouver


9 – 11: Ariga in Hungary for the European Championships

18: SCKO Promotion Exam


8: Steveston Tournament (Vancouver Canada)

16: SCKO Shinpan Seminar

30: Memorial Day Tournament


19: Tengu Cup (Frankfurt, Germany)

26: Women’s Tournament in Seattle

2010 1st SCKO Godo Keiko

Important message from Morinaga-sensei (Education)

Southern California Kendo Organization
Jan / 11 / 2010

After Practice Party info
SCKO New Year Party Info

15904 E, Gale ave
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745

Time 3:00 PM- 5:30 PM

Fee $25 per person (Include Food & Drink)

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9:10: Preparation and cleaning by volunteer KENSHI.
9:30: Running, physical exercise, and SUBURI beginning.
10:00: KIRIKAESHI and Basic [uchi] practice.
10:15: OPEN PRACTICE FOR KENSHI ONLY (4 or 5DAN UP People guidance)
10:50: REST (5 -10 MINUTES)
11:30: FINISH.

The content might change in the number of people, rank on that day, and the age, etc.
Please bring a lot of kenshi as a volunteer

It holds roll call this year . The purpose of this is to refer when the all-star representative of the expedition rally and the invitational match is decided. However, it is not chosen because it never attends all this attendance. Please acknowledge it.

BUTOKUDEN Annual Toshikoshi Keiko

This is an yearly event that we have at our Dojo. We start Kendo practices at 11:30PM on December 31 and keep on practicing until January 1. Everyone from anywhere is welcome to participate at this practice. We will provide light Japanese traditional snack after practice, so please fill out the form below, in order for us to have a head count on the number of people participating in this event. PLEASE BE AT THE DOJO BY 11:00PM


Time: December 31, 2009 (11:30PM) – January 1, 2010 (0:30AM)

Place: BUTOKUDEN Kendo Dojo
17346 Eastman
Irvine, CA 92614-5522


Chuo Dojo & Butokuden Joint Kendo Seminar

BUTOKUDEN Kendo Members:

Here is an invitation from Chuo Dojo to have a joint Kendo Seminar. The seminar will be taught by Shikai Sensei (Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan) and Attila Nemeti. Shikai Sensei was the Manager of the USA Team in the 13WKC. All levels of Kenshis are welcome to join. After the seminar, we will have a BBQ Party at Attila-san’s Ranch. It will be a lot of fun. Please come and join!

Since the location is quite far from our Dojo, we are planning to carpool. Please let us know if you need carpool.




2009 BUTOKUDEN Kendo Dojo Tournament & Christmas Party

There will be many event scheduled for this day, so I am looking for everyone to attend.

Location: BUTOKUDEN Kendo Dojo
December 20, 2009
Tournament: 11AM – 5PM
Christmas Party: 5:30PM ~


Attendance Sheet


2009 SCKO Individual Tournament Additional Information

The Southern California Kendo Organization would like to welcome you to our 2009 SCKO Individual Kendo Championships. Please carefully review the following pages for important information:

Date: December 13th, 2009(Sunday)
Roll Call from 8:30-9:00AM

Place: Cerritos Regional Park Gym

19700 Bloomfield Ave
Cerritos, CA 90703

Eligibility:   AUSKF Members Only
Event: Individual Kendo Tournament
Entree fee: $20.00 (18 & over) $15.00 (17 & under)

Bento: $8.00 each

Dead line: November 23rd 2009

*Must be postmarked by this date.

*Please return the enclosed application forms by Nov 23rd by e-mail to:

*Please send fees by check (Must be postmarked by Nov 23rd, 2009) by mail to:
If you have any questions, please contact to:

Hajime Mori (SCKO VP of Competition)

2155 E. Colorado Blvd. Ste #4

Pasadena CA, 91107


  • Divisions

Boys/Girls 10 & under, All Ranks
Boys/Girls 11-13, All Ranks
Boys 14-17, 4 Kyu & under
Boys 14-17, 3-1 Kyu
Women 13 & over, Kyu & under
Women 13 & over, Dan
Adult (18 & over, Kyu & under)
Men 1-2 Dan
Men 3 Dan up (Any age)
Men 4 Dan up (40 years & over)

  • Each participant can enter in only one division.
  • Rank as of October 1, 200


Youth -3 minutes w/ unlimited encho*
Womens kyu -3 minutes/ w/ unlimited encho
Adult kyu -3 minutes/ w/ unlimited encho
Women dan -3 minutes w/ unlimited encho
Men- 1-2dan – 3 minutes w/ unlimited encho
Men – 3Dan up – 4minutes w/ unlimited encho
Men – 4Dan up – 4minutes w/unlimited encho

    • 3-bon shobu matches.

* encho means time extension

Awards in Each Division

1st Place, 2nd Place , 3rd Place (x2),


A PRIMARY CONTACT PERSON over 18 years old should be assigned for each team and his or her phone number or e-mail address must be listed on the application form.

Regulations of the matches will follow “The Regulation of Kendo Shiai and Shinpan” set forth by the Federation of International Kendo (FIK).

Tsuki waza is authorized for YUDANSHA DIVISION only.

Each person can only participate in one division and is responsible for bringing one’s own Me-Jirushi (Red/White indicator)

ach dojo must provide one or more shinpan (referee) for every 10 participants.

SCKO Promotion Exam Additional Information

Southern California Kendo Organization

6330 Sonora Way, Cypress, CA 90630 Phone: 310-283-3810 E-mail:

To all SCKO Affiliated Dojo

Regarding: Kendo Rank Promotion Examination

This is to inform you of the Annual (fall) SCKO Rank Promotion Examination.

1.Date & Time: November 22, 2009 8:30 AM

2.Place: Osaka Sangyo University, Studio City

3921 Laurel Canyon Blvd., Studio City, CA 91604

3.Application Deadline: Must be received no later than November 6, 2009No Exceptions

Submit photocopy of existing rank certificate if taken at another Federation.

4.Examination Fee: See attached rate sheet

5.Applicants must bring: Kendo-gu, Keiko-gi, Hakama, Shinai. 1Kyu up taking exam must also bring Bokuto and their completed Written Test Questionnaire.

6.Additional information for Observers, Examiners and Volunteers is attached.

(*1) All 1kyu and 1Dan through 4Dan taking exam must complete the attached written test prior to the exam date. They must also bring this on the day of the exam.

(*2) Enclosed is only one copy of each Rank test. Therefore, please make additional copies of the written test and distribute to examination applicants.

(*3) Examinees, which successfully pass all stages of the rank exam, MUST pay Certificate (Menjo) fee at the day of the exam, after the results are announced. Without order certificate, the passed rank will annul.

(*4) AUSKF issue Only English certificate.

Please submit Promotion exam form with one check for the total examination fee per Dojo,

Payable to: SCKO

C/O: Seiji Mamiya

6330 Sonora Way, Cypress, CA 90630

Phone: 310-283-3810 E-mail:
Southern California Kendo Organization
6330 Sonora Way, Cypress, CA 90630
Phone: 310-283-3810 E-mail:
Rank Examination Fee
SCKO affiliated Dojo
Exam Fee
Certificate Fees
Kyu 17 years & under
Kyu 18 years & above
1 Dan
2 Dan
3 Dan
4 Dan
Examination fee is NOT refundable.

Question for AUSKF Kendo Ranking Examinations

Name (print legibly):

Regional Federation:

Exam for: 1 Kyu

Please answer the following question by writing (clearly/legibly) in either English or Japanese. You may also use the back side of this paper.

Question: Describe some benefits of “kirikaeshi”.

Exam for: 1 Dan

Please choose one (1) of the following questions and answer by writing (clearly/legibly) in either English or Japanese. You may also use the back side of this paper.

Choose one (1) of the following to answer:

l Describe “ki-ken-tai-ichi”.

l Describe 3 types of Kendo footwork.

Exam for: 2 Dan

Please choose one (1) of the following questions and answer by writing (clearly/legibly) in either English or Japanese. You may also use the back side of this paper.

Choose one (1) of the following to answer:

l Describe the 4 types of Kendo “sicknesses.

l Describe the 3 “ma-ai ”.

Exam for: 3 Dan

Please choose one (1) of the following questions and answer by writing (clearly/legibly) in either English or Japanese. You may also use the back side of this paper.

Choose one (1) of the following to answer:

l Describe the elements of “yuko-datotsu.

l Describe “enzan-no-metsuke”.

Exam for: 4 Dan

Please choose one (1) of the following questions and answer by writing (clearly/legibly) in either English or Japanese. You may also use the back side of this paper.

Choose one (1) of the following to answer:

l Describe the benefits of the Kendo kata and its relevance to shinai keiko.

l Describe the elements of “yuko-datotsu”.

For official use: A/NA: Rvw by:

ID: Recd: Date:

Seo Sensei’s visit to Butokuden Dojo

BUTOKUDEN Kendo Members:

Subject: Seo Sensei’s (Kendo 8 Dan) visit
Date: December 10
Time: 7:00 – 9:00 PM

From Small

Seo Sensei (Executive Vice President of Korean Kumdo Federation for Social Members
) will be visiting our Dojo on December 10. We will have an open practice starting at 7PM. Thanks to Kim sensei, we were able to arrange Seo Sensei’s visit to our Dojo, during his busy schedule here in the USA.

I have known Seo Sensei from a long time ago, and he took very good care of me when I went to Korea for Kendo training back in 2001. He was also one of the referees who refereed my match at the 11WKC in 2000 (Semi Finals, Taisho match Canada x Japan). You can watch that match on Youtube. Keep your calendar open. It will be a great opportunity to practice with a high ranking sensei from Korea.


Seo Sensei’s Profile:
Represented Korea at WKC
WKC referee
Byung-Yoon Seo (8 Dan)
Exec. Vice President of Korea Kumdo Federation

11WKC in 2000 (Semi Finals, Taisho match Canada x Japan) Ariga x Takahashi