2016 SCKO Christmas Kendo Tournament

Entry Fee:  $0 per Competitor.  Happy Holidays!

Date:  Sunday, December 11th, 2016

Place: West High School Gymnasium, 20401 Victor St, Torrance, CA 90503

Entry deadline: End of Day, Saturday, December 3rd


7:30 am Setup

8:00 am Registration

8:45 am Opening Ceremony

9:00 am Tournament Starts.

Court Volunteers: Please provide volunteers from each dojo (at least 3-5 people/dojo). 

Volunteers, please arrive at 7:30am for setup and training.

Lunch: Lunch will NOT be provided. Please bring your own lunch.

Tournament Format:

Non-Bogu Matches : Single Elimination

·         14 & Under Non-Bogu Division

·         15 & Over Non-Bogu Division

See Rules and Regulation for Format

Non-Dan Kids Under 12

·         9 years old & under (Boys & Girls)

·         10-12 years old, 4 kyu or greater  (Boys & Girls)

·         10-12 years old, 1-3 kyu  (Boys & Girls)


·         Over 13 years old, Women’s Kyu

·         Under 40 years old, Women’s Dan

·         40 years old & above, Women’s Dan

Men’s Kyu

·         13-16 years old Men’s Kyu

·         Over 17 years old Men’s Kyu

Men’s Dan

·         13-16 years old Men’s 1-2Dan

·         17-29 years old Men’s 1-2 Dan

·         30 years old and above Men’s 1-2 Dan

·         Men’s 3-5 Dan (All Ages)

·         6 Dan up (All ages)

  1. Individual Match : **Divisions subject to change depending on registration**
  2. East-West Team Match: The team will be divided into 2 teams/2 minutes, 3-point match.



  1. Regulations of the matches will follow “The Regulation of Kendo Shiai and Shinpan” set forth by the Federation of International Kendo (FIK).


  1. Tsuki Waza and Jodan are authorized for over 16 years old only AND MUST HAVE Dan Rank.


  1. Each person can only participate in one division and is responsible for bringing one’s own Me-Jirushi


  1. Tournament brackets will be made right before the tournament. Depending on the number of participants, some divisions may be combined with others.


Tournament Format and Time:


  • Individual

NON-BOGU Group          Round 1: Men (2), Kote (2), Do (2)

Round 2: Kirikaeshi (1set)

Round 3: Kote-Men (2), Kote-Do (2), KoteMen-Do (2)

Winner: Decision by Hantei


KYU Group                    2 minutes 3 Point Match / 1 min Encho / Hantei


DAN Group                    3 minutes 3 Point Match / 1 min Encho / Hantei


*KYU & DAN Group:  Semifinal and Final will be Unlimited Encho, no Hantei


  • Grand Championship 3 minutes 3 Point Match / Unlimited Encho, no Hantei



  • East –West Match 2 minutes / 3 point match No Encho KACHINUKI Match.

(In the case of a tie, the next kenshi from each team will compete)



2017 AUSKF National Championships Registration Form (Butokuden Dojo)

*Butokuden Only

Date: June 22-25, 2017 (Thur-Sun)
Note: June 21st (Wed) will be Manager/Referee meetings.
June 22nd (Thur) will be the Jr. Open National Championships2.
June 23-25 (Fri-Sun) will be the AUSKF National Championships2.
Location: Independence High School, San Jose, California

*SCKO will hold selection on Feb 12, 2017.

Individual Divisions:
 Men’s Individual (max 7 registered participants per federation)
 Women’s Individual (max 7 registered participants per federation)
 Senior Youth Boy’s Individual (ages 16-18) (max 5 registered participants per fed.)
 Junior Youth Boy’s Individual (ages 12-15) (max 5 registered participants per fed.)
 Senior Youth Girl’s Individual (ages 16-18) (max 5 registered participants per fed.)
 Junior Youth Girl’s Individual (ages 12-15) (max 5 registered participants per fed.)
 Seniors Division (3-dan and above, ages 50+) (max 5 registered participants per fed.)
 Mudansha Division (men and/or women combined division, ages 19 and up, 1-kyu and lower) (max 5 registered participants per fed.)

* Age requirements for the Youth Divisions, Seniors Division and Mudansha Division shall be determined as of January 1, 2017. We will also honor the old age requirement one last time, which is the day of the tournament (June 23, 2017).

All participants must be a current registered member in good standing. Refer to section below for specific requirements.

Team Divisions
 Men’s Team (5 participants, max 7 registered team members)
 Women’s Team (5 participants, max 7 registered team members)
 Senior Youth Boy’s Team (3 participants, max 5 registered team members)
 Junior Youth Boy’s Team (3 participants, max 5 registered team members)
 Senior/Junior Youth Girl’s Team (3 participants, max 5 registered team members) (ages 18 and under)
 Senior’s Team (3 participants, max 5 registered team members)
 Mudansha Team (3 participants, max 5 registered team members)

New Shiai Rules:
 Competitors in the following divisions must be a registered AUSKF member in good standing for any three (3) years prior to the date of the 2017 AUSKF National Championships: i. Men’s Individual and Team ii. Women’s Individual and Team
 All individual championships will utilize a “double-elimination” seeding format in which each player participates in an initial “seeding” round to determine their placement (either first or second) in the championship round. In the event there is an odd number of participants, a random participant shall be automatically placed in the seeding round.
 The tournament regulations, entry forms, etc. will be sent by January 2017.

Promotion Examination (November 20, 2016 at Butokuden)

*Butokuden Member Only

1. Date: November 20, 2016 (Sunday)

2. Time: Roll Call – Kyu Group: 9:00AM, Yudansha Group: 12:30PM

3. Place: Butokuden Dojo, 1581 Browning, Irvine, CA 92606

4. Application Deadline: Must be received no later than November 4, 2016. No Exceptions.

5. Examination Fee: Please see attached sheet

6. Applicants Must Bring: All ranks must bring own Kendo-gu, neat Keiko-gi and Hakama, and Shinai. 3 Kyu and Up, bring Bokuto for taking “Bokuto Keiko hou” (Training Method for fundamental kendo techniques with Bokuto) and Nihon Kendo Kata exams. 1 Kyu and Up, bring completed Written Test Questionnaire.

Examination Items:
6 Kyu: Men-uchi (twice), Kirikaeshi, (chakuso, reiho, hassei)

5 Kyu: Kirikaeshi, Men-uchi (twice), kote-men (twice), doh-uchi (twice), (chakuso, reiho, hassei)

4 Kyu: Kirikaeshi, gokaku-keiko, (chakuso, kamae, reiho, hassei)

3 Kyu: Gokaku-keiko, (chakuso, kamae, reiho, hassei), “Bokuto Keiko hou” 1-4

2 Kyu: Gokaku-keiko, (chakuso, kamae, reiho, hassei, datotsu-no-sae), “Bokuto Keiko hou” 1-6

1 Kyu: Gokaku-keiko, (chakuso, kamae, reiho, hassei, datotsu-no-sae, ki-ken-tai-ichi), Nihon Kendo Kata 1-3 and “Bokuto
Keiko hou” 1-9, and written examination

1 Dan: Gokaku-keiko (one who is skilled and has learned the basics of kendo), Nihon Kendo Kata 1-5, and written examination

2 Dan: Gokaku-keiko (one who is finely skilled and has acquired the basics of kendo), Nihon Kendo Kata 1-7, and written examination

3 Dan: Gokaku-keiko (one who is superbly skilled and has expertise in the basics of kendo), Nihon Kendo Kata 1-10, and written examination

4 Dan: Gokaku-keiko (one who is exceptionally skilled and has mastered the basics and applied use of kendo), Nihon Kendo Kata 1-10, and written examination

We have information about written examination and it is attached at Butokuden’s whiteboard.

Deadline: October, 31 (Mon)

The 2016 WKF Kendo Championship

*Butokuden Only*


1. Date: Sunday, October 16th, 2016

2. Location: Crescenta Valley High School, 2900 Community Ave, La Crescenta, CA 91214

3. Roll Call: On the tournament date, registration will take place from 8:00AM to 8:30AM.

4. Eligibility: Must be a Valid AUSKF Member

5. Event: Individual / Team Tournament

6. Fees: $20 (non-refundable)

7. Lunch: $10 including a bottle of water *All Shinpans and Volunteers, Lunch will be provided by WKF.

8. Registration Form and Fees Deadline: September 25th, 2016 (San)

Fee payment by check or cash before the deadline (Check payable to BUTOKUDEN)

1. 10 & Under Boys & Girls – All Ranks
2. 11-12 Years Old Boys & Girls – All Ranks
3. 13-15 Years Old Boys & Girls – All Ranks
4. 16-18 Years Old Boys & Girls – All Ranks
5. Men’s Kyu (Keup)- 19 & over Kyu(Keup)
6. Women – Any age & All Ranks
7. Seniors – 50 & Over, All Ranks
8. Men’s 1-3 Dan – Any Age
9. Men’s 4 Dan up – Any age
10. Team Best 5

Competition Information:
 Youth – 3 minutes / Unlimited Encho (Extension)
 Adult – 3 minutes / Unlimited Encho(Extension)
 Yudansha (Black Belt) – 4 minutes / Unlimited Encho(Extnesion)
 Each participant can enter in only one division
 Rank and Age as of October 16th, 2016


Shinpan seminar at West high (09/18, Sun)

Date:               9/18 (Sunday)

Time:               9:00 AM to 4:00 PM  (Godo keiko if time permits)

Location:        West High

Instructor:      Makino sensei 7 Dan, Ariga sensei 7 Dan and Mamiya sensei 7 Dan

Participants:   Kendo rank of 1 Dan and above (Over 14years old)

Deadline: by September 3th

Please come prepared with:
– Shinpan Ki (Referee Flags)
– Mejiryushi (Red/White Ribbon tags)
– Referee Booklet (2006 ver.)
– Kendo Dogu and Shinai

SCKO promotion seminar at Butokuden (9/10, Saturday)

Date: 9/10 (Saturday)
Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM(Bring your Bokuto and own lunch and drinks)
Location: Butokuden
Eligibility: Kenshi who will take 3,4,5,6 dan.

Deadline: by September 5th

The 2016 SCKO Individual Kendo Championships

*Butokuden Only

Date:Sunday, October 2nd, 2016.

9 & Under Boys & Girls
10-12 Years Old Boys & Girls
13-15 Years Old Boys – Any Rank
13-18 Years Old Girls – Any Rank
16-18 Years Old Boys – Any Rank
Men’s Adult Kyu
Women’s Adult Kyu
Women’s Dan Under 35
Women’s Dan 35 & over
Men’s 1-2 Dan Under 40
Men’s 1-3 Dan 40 & Over
Men’s 3-4 Dan
Men’s 5 Dan and Above
Men’s Masters (Over 50, 5 Dan and Above)

8:00—8:30am Sign-In for Competitors.
8:45am Shinpan Meeting

Location Marina High School
15871 Springdale St
Huntington Beach, CA 92649

Entry Fee $20 per person
Bento Fee $10 each bento
Note: Lunch is provided free to shinpan and a limited number of volunteers.

Fee payment by check or cash before the deadline (Check payable to BUTOKUDEN)
By Thursday, September 14th at 11:59 pm.

2016 All California Open Kendo Tournament Date: September 4, 2016

Date: Sunday, September 4th, 2016

Location: Parlier High School North Gym
601 Third St,
Parlier, CA 93648

Registration: From 8:00 am to 8:30 am

● 10 yrs and under.
• 11yrs-13yrs.
• 14 years old – 17 years old.
• Adult Kyu (18 years old and Older).
• Women’s (14 years old and older: Kyu & Dan)
• Yudansha (1Dan – 3Dan)
• Yudansha (4Dan & Above)
• Senior (50 years old & Older: 1Dan – 5Dan)
• Super Senior (50 years & older: 6 Dan and up)
• 12-Member Federation Team
Shinpan: 4-dan and above are eligible

Entry Fee: Early Bird Entry (received via e-mail 7/31/16)–$15.00 per participant (non-refundable)
FINAL ENTRY (received via e-mail after 7/31/16 and by 8/10/16) $20.00 (non-refundable)

Welcome Dinner:$20.00

Shiai Rules: Individual Divisions
• Individuals can only participate in one individual division
• Each kenshi must supply his/her own set of tasuki
• Time Limits: *Except: Semi-finals and Finals: unlimited encho.
o All divisions except Yudansha and Seniors: 3 minutes-1 minute encho and Hantei.
o Yudansha & Senior divisions: 4 minutes-1 minute encho and Hantei.

Team Competition
• Limit one team per federation
• Teams will consist of 12-members as outlined on attached entry form
• Time limit: 3 minutes / no encho
• In case of a tie between teams in wins and points, each team will select their best kendoist for daihyosen (ippon shobu).


16th Nikkei Games: Budo Tournament (Kendo) Date: August 7, 2016

*Yudansha Divisions (Regular Tournament)
1 Dan, 2 Dan, 3 Dan, 4 Dan & Up, Women’s Dan
Rules: 4 minutes, Unlimited Extension

*Kyu Team
0-4 Kyu Team (3 kenshi, 17 yeas of age and under)
3-1 Kyu Team (3 kenshi, 17 years of age and under)
Rules: Each Dojo can submit up to 2 teams in each division
3 minutes, no extension

*Kachinuki Team
3 Kenshi consisting of any combination of below mentioned:
-Adult kyu (18 years of age and older)
– Yudansha (up to 3 dan and 30 years of age and older)
Minimum of 2 Kenshi per team
Taisho can not tie. If there are any ties prior to the taisho match both participants will sit
No jodan, no nito, and no tsuki
Each dojo can submit up to 2 teams for both Kyu and Kachinuki Teams.

Tournament Fee: $30.00
◦ Officials, staff members, spectators, and volunteers have FREE admission.
* There will be fee for car park at CSULB parking lot

Volunteer: volunteers needed for court duty(3) and front desk help

2016 Winery Kendo Gasshuku Registration Form

Butokuden Kendo Members and Kendo Friends:

Now that the Junior Championships is over, it is summer and time to have fun!

Some pictures from 2015 Wine gasshuku.

Please register using the form at the bottom of this page, so we can have an approximate head count.

This year’s winery Gasshuku will be held as follows:

Date/Time (July 30 – 31):
July 30
1 – 4 PM: Kendo Practice
5 – ? : Wine and BBQ

July 31:
8:30 – 9:30: Asageiko (Morning Practice)
Dismissal after practice

Kendo Practice Location:
Anderson Recreation Center,
125 West Walnut Avenue, Lompoc, CA 93436

Wine BBQ Location:
300 North 12 Street, Lompoc, 93436
This is the Winery. Jason thought of doing in the vineyard, which is lovely, but there are a lot of rattlesnakes at this time of the year, and since we will have kids playing around, we decided not to, to be on the safe side 🙂

In the past it was a SCKO event, so SCKO was subsidizing a portion of this event, but since most of the participants were from BUTOKUDEN, this year we will make it a BUTOKUDEN event. But of course, everyone is welcome to join.

Dojo Rental: It will depend on the number of participants, and we will split among the adult Kenshis.
Adult Kenshi: $10 – 20 (we will split the cost, so more people, it will be cheaper!)
18 and under: $0

Wine & BBQ:
Adult: $25
18 and Under: $5

Looking forward to a big participation!