Dec 31: Toshigoshi Keiko (11 pm)

This is an annual event at our Dojo. We have been doing Toshigoshi Keiko since the start of our Dojo, back in 2004. We start practice at 11:00PM on new year’s eve, practice until midnight, we stop the Keiko to celebrate the new year, and then we go back to practice again, until approximately 1AM.  After practice please stay to enjoy Mrs. Ariga’s delicious Ozoni (Japanese traditional Mochi Soup). All levels from all Dojos are welcome to participate.

Dec 31 Schedule:

  • Dojo Opens at 10:45PM
  • 2014 Practice starts at 11:15 PM (Jigeiko Only, so please warm up yourself prior to Keiko)
  • 2014 Practice ends at 11:55 PM
  • New Year Celebration!
  • 2015 Practice starts at 00:10 AM
  • 2015 Practice ends at 00:50 AM
  • Ozoni and Sake Party

Pictures from 2013 – 2014 Toshigoshi Keiko


2015 International Butokuden Kendo Gashuku Invitation

December 13, 2014
Dear Senseis and Kendo Friends:

As many of you know, I have been coaching the Portuguese national team for the past 11 years. After building our Butokuden Dojo in 2012, I started conducting annual Kendo Gasshukus here at our Dojo in Irvine, California. This Gasshuku was designed as part of the training for the Portuguese Kendo leaders (mainly national team members and the Dojo Senseis). I have set the objective of this Gasshuku to “Teach the correct Kendo and introduce the leaders with the correct method of teaching.”

In 2013, I had the opportunity to visit Medellin for the 3rd CLAK tournament, and I spoke with many of you. By doing Shinpan and watching the tournament, I found that the level of the Latin American Kendo had risen in the past few years. I was also very touched by the dedication and the love you had for Kendo. Many people asked me if they could come and practice at our Dojo, and my answer was “Of course, yes!” So this year (March 2014), we invited the Latin American Kenshis to our Gasshuku, and it was a big success. We had Kenshis from Mexico, Colombia, Aruba and Ecuador.

This year again, I would like to open our doors to Kenshis in Latin America. This will be beneficial to both the Latin American countries Kenshis, and the Portuguese Kenshis, by giving each other a chance to practice with various Kenshis from different countries, and making new Kendo friends. I hope many people can attend.

Gasshuku information:
Location: BUTOKUDEN Dojo, 1581 Browning, Irvine, CA 92606 USA
Dates (See “2015 Butokuden Gasshuku Schedule” for details):
Arrive March 14 (Sat) 2015
Leave on 21 (Sat) 2015
Taro Ariga (Kyoshi 7 Dan)
Shin Terashita (4 Dan, Osaka Prefecture University Kendo Captain)
Nagisa Komorida (4 Dan, 2012 All Japan University Kendo Champion)
Language: Portuguese, Spanish, English, and Japanese
Participation Fee: Free
Application deadline: January 31, 2015
url: www.butokuden.com
Phone: +1.949.756.8880

Participation requirements:
1) Member of an accredited Kendo Organization in your country
2) Authorization from your Kendo Organization
3) Participants must participate for the entire Gasshuku.
4) The Gasshuku is focused to Kendo leaders or future leaders in your country.
5) Due to the logistics, a maximum of 3 people from each country.
6) The participating Kenshis must be 2 Dan or above form accredited FIK organization

Important information:
1) Participation Fee: Free
2) Breakfast and lunch to be provided by E-BOGU (We will go out for Breakfast on Friday 3/20 to be paid by each participant (Approximately $10).
3) We will go out for dinner every night. Dinner is to be paid by each participant (Approximately $15/meal).
4) Transportation to the Gasshuku is to be arranged by the participant. If arriving at SNA (Orange County Airport), pickup can be arranged. If arriving in LAX, please let us know (we will try to arrange a ride, but you may have to use shuttle bus).
5) Participants will have the choice of sleeping at the Dojo or staying at a hotel nearby:
a. Dojo: FREE, but bring a sleeping bag.
b. Hotel: there are hotels near the Dojo starting at approximately $35 to 50/night per person (double occupancy). About 10 minutes walking distance from the Dojo
6) All participants must have medical insurance valid in the USA.
7) There is a Walmart at walking distance.
8) Donations are welcome!

I lived in Brazil for many years, and I understand that travelling to the USA may be challenging especially for countries in Central and South America, both financially and acquiring travel documents. In order to have as many countries participating, I would like to make this Gasshuku as affordable as possible.

Please send us the application at ariga@e-bogu.com by January 31, 2015.

I am looking forward to having many countries participating.

Sincerely yours,
Taro Ariga
Kendo Kyoshi 7 Dan
Butokuden Dojo Kancho
Useful information (Distance from Dojo):
 Nearby airports:
o John Wayne (Orange County, Santa Ana) Airport (Airport code SNA): 5 min by car
o Los Angeles International (Airport Code LAX): 1 hour by car (shuttle bus approximately $30)
o Long Beach Airport (Airport Code LGB): 30 minutes by car
 Accommodation near the Dojo:
o Motel 6: 1717 E Dyer Rd, Santa Ana, CA 92705 (0.8 Miles from Dojo) ($70 + Tax for 2 people in a room)
o Candlewood Suites: 2600 South Red Hill Avenue, Santa Ana, CA ($102 + Tax for 2 people in a room) (0.4 Miles from Dojo)
 Places to see:
o Disneyland (15 minutes by car)
o Knot’s Berry farm Park (20 minutes by car)
o Newport Beach (15 minutes by car)
o Universal Studios (1 hour by car)
o Hollywood, Santa Monica (1 hour by car)
o California Science Center – Space Shuttle Endeavour (1 hour by car)
o Sea World (1.5 hours by car)
o San Diego Zoo (1.5 hours by car)


2015 Mori Hai Tournament

Date: Sunday February 1, 2015

Location: Wilson Park, Torrance CA

Time: 8am~8:30am sign in

Tournament Fee: 17 and under :$15 / 18 & older and All Yudanshas: $20

Bentos: $9.0

Divisions: (Participants can only enter ONE division)

1)0-6 Kyu (age 13 and under)

2) 5-4 Kyu

3) 3-1 Kyu

4) Women’s Kyu (14 and older)

5) Adult Kyu (18 years and older)

6) Women’s Dan

7) 1-2 Dan

8) 3-4 Dan

9) 5 Dan and above

10) Senior Group 1 (50-59)

11) Senior Group 2 (60+)

All entries are due by December 24, 2014

2014 SCKO Christmas Tournament (November ,14 )

Date : Sunday, December 14th

Place : Location : Cerritos Sports Complex 19900 Bloomfield Avenue,Cerritos, CA 90703

Time : 8 am = Set up & Registration /8:45 am = opening ceremony/ 9am  = Tournament start

Eligibility : SCKO Members Only

Entree Fee : Free!!!

Lunch: Lunch will NOT be provided.
Please bring your own lunch.
Otherwise there will be an option to order McDonald’s Hamburgers at the beginning of the day.
1. Individual Match : Division
:) Non-Bogu Matches
:) Individual Match
• Sensei’s Tachiai ( 60 over 7 dan sensei)
• 9 & Under
• 10-12 4 Kyu & under
• 10-12 3-1 Kyu
• 13 & Over Women’s Kyu
• 39 & Under Women’s Dan
• 40 & Over Women’s Dan
• 13-16 Men’s Kyu
• 17 & Over Men’s Kyu
• 13-16 Men’s 1-2Dan
• 17 -29 Men’s 1-2 Dan
• 30 & Over 1-2 Dan
• Men’s 3-5 Dan
• 6 Dan & Up

The 2014 Butokuden Christmas Tournament & Party

The BUTOKUDEN Christmas Tournament & Party!

Date : December 21 , Sunday
Time :  Tournament 11 pm – 4 pm , Party 5:30 pm – 9 pm )
Location : Butokuden dojo
Tournament : All division but kids class (1 bu) will do demonstration!
Christmas Party:
> Potluck: Please bring Food and drinks
> Fun Games
> We will need prizes for the games. Please donate prizes!
> Please prepare your performance for the Talent Show night (Parents, Senseis, everyone is welcome to perform. Great prizes for winners)
> There will be a present exchange game: Please bring a present (gift suggested amount: Kids: $5, Adult: $10)

Deadline: December 7, Sunday

The WKF Year End Tournament (November.1)

Date: Saturday, November 1, 2014
Roll Call : 8:30 A.M.
Place: Wilson High School Gym
16455 E. Wedgeworth Dr.
Hacienda Heights, CA 91745
Eligibility: All AUSKF members liability waiver forms
Event: Individual and team matches
Fee: $20 per participant
1. 10 and under-Boys/Girls
2. Age 11-12-Boys/Girls
3. Age 13-15-Boys/Girls
4. Age 16-18-Boys/Girls
5. Age 19 and over (kuy only)-Men/Women
6. Women-Any age
7. Age 50 and over-Men/Women
8. 1-3 Dan-Men/Women
9. 4 Dan and over-Men/Women
10. Team Best 5 ( one team per dojo)

Deadline : October 25th.

The SCKO Rank Promotion Exam (November ,2014 )

This is to inform you of the Semi Annual SCKO Rank Promotion Examination.

1.Date: Sunday, November 16, 2014
2.Time: Roll call Kyu group: 9:00 AM, Yudansha group: 12:30 PM
3.Place: Butokuden Dojo (1581 Browning Irvine, CA 92606)
4.Application Deadline: Must be received no later than October 26, 2014. No Exceptions.
Submit photocopy of existing rank certificate if taken at another Federation.
5.Examination Fee:Kyu 17 years & under $10.00
Kyu 18 years & above $20.00
1 Dan $15.00
2 Dan $25.00
3 Dan $35.00
4 Dan $45.00

certificate fee(if passed)
Kyu 17 years & under $10.00
Kyu 18 years & above $20.00
1 Dan $30.00
2 Dan $40.00
3 Dan $60.00
4 Dan $80.00

6. Applicants must bring: All ranks must bring own Kendo-gu, neat Keiko-gi and Hakama, and Shinai.
3 Kyu and up, bring Bokuto for taking “Bokuto Keiko hou” (Training Method for fundamental kendo techniques with Bokuto) and kendo kata exams.
1 Kyu and up, bring completed Written Test Questionnaire.

7. Examination items: Kendo match: All ranks (6 Kyu – 4 Dan)
Bokuto Keiko hou fundamental: 1 to 4: 3 Kyu
1 to 6: 2 Kyu
1 to 9: 1 Kyu
Nihon Kendo kata: 1 to 3: 1 Kyu
1 to 5: 1 Dan
1 to 7: 2 Dan
1 to 10: 3 Dan and 4 Dan
Written test: 1 Kyu, 1 Dan, 2 Dan, 3 Dan, and 4 Dan

You can download the Writing file below :

Question for AUSKD kendo Ranking Examinations (Nobember , 2014 )

8. Volunteers required: Please see volunteer request letter.

(*1) All 1 Kyu and 1 Dan through 4 Dan taking the exam must complete the attached written test prior to the exam date. They must submit this on the day of the exam. Written test is the last stage of your examination.
(*2) Enclosed is only one copy of the Written Test Questionnaire. Therefore, please make additional copies of the written test and distribute to examination applicants.
(*3) Examinees which successfully pass all stages of the rank exam MUST pay Certificate (Menjo) fee at the day of the exam, after the results are announced. Without ordering the certificate, the passed rank will annul.
(*4) AUSKF issues Only English certificates.
(*5) All examinees must be a member of AUSKF and pay their annual fee before submitting for examination

2014 SCKO Individual Kendo Championships(10/5/2014)

1.Date: October 5th, 2014 (Sunday) Roll Call from 8:30 – 9:00AM

2.Place: Marina High School
15871 Springdale St Huntington Beach, CA 92649

3.Eligibility: AUSKF Members Only

4.Event: Individual Kendo Tournament

5.Entree fee: $20.00 / Non Refundable

6.Bento: $8.00 each
*All Shinpan and Volunteers, Lunch will be provided by SCKO.


 9 & Under Boys & Girls – All Ranks
 10-12 Years Old Boys & Girls – All Ranks
 13-15 Years Old Boys – All Ranks
 16-18 Years Old Boys – All Ranks

 13 Years Over Girl’s & Women’s Kyu
 Adult Men’s Kyu (19 & over Kyu)

 Women’s Dan (13 & over Dan)
 Men’s 1-2 Dan (19 & over)
 Men’s 3-4 Dan (19 & over)
 Men’s 5 Dan up (Any age)

• Each participant can enter in only one division.
• Rank as of September 1, 2014

7.Dead line:September 16th 2014

2014 Paso Robles Kendo Gasshuku (August 16 – 17)

2nd Annual SCKO Summer Gasshuku in Paso Robles
Open to all Level Kenshis (non-bogu and with-bogus, kids and adults)

Gasshuku fee: Free
BBQ at Barrel 27 Winery (Food and all you can drink wine and drinks inclusive)
Adults: $15
Juniors (18 and under): Free

Date/Time Schedule:

August 16 Saturday:
11:45AM: Arrive at the gym
12 noon to 3:00PM: Kendo Training
4:00 to 8:00PM: BBQ at Barrel 27 Winery

August 17 Sunday:
7:45AM: Arrive at the gym
8:00 to 9:15AM: Morning Practice
Dismissal after practice

Kendo Training: Centennial Park, 600 Nickerson Drive, Paso Robles CA 93446 (Gym)
BBQ: Barrel 27 Wine Company, 2323 Tuley Court, #110, Paso Robles CA 93446

>> Please access the SCKO website to signup!

74th Annual Nisei Week Kendo Kyu Tournament

Date: August 24, 2014
Time: Sign-in 8:00~8:30 (all divisions)
Place: Almansor Gym 800 S. Almansor Ave, Alhambra

Individual Matches; 3 minutes, 2 min extension, hantei (Except semifinals and final)
Team Matches; 3 minutes, no extension

10 years and under any kyu
11 to 13 years any kyu
14 to 15 years any kyu
Women’s kyu 14 and older
Adult 16 and older

Tournament Fees:

Kyu Division- $15.00

Bento- $8.00 each