BUTOKUDEN Dojo Relocation Notice

Dear BUTOKUDEN Members and Friends:

As you may have already heard from your Senseis, we are currently building a new Dojo inside E-BOGU.COM warehouse. We will be moving out from our current Dojo on January 31. Please get information from your Sensei, as each of your Senseis will co-ordinate their class schedule during the transition. I would like to apologize the inconveniences during the move, but I am sure the new Dojo will be much better than our current one.

The new Dojo will be at E-BOGU.COM Warehouse which is located in the address below.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Taro Ariga


E-BOGU.COM, Inc. new address:

1581 Browning
Irvine CA 92606
Phone: 949.756.8880
(The Dojo is less than 1 mile from our current Dojo and about 3 minutes by car)

Directions from our current Dojo

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2011 Kubota Memorial Tournament (January 30, 2011)

BUTOKUDEN Kendo Members:

Here is an invitation for the Kubota Memorial Tournament.
The tournament is on January 30, and I need your answer by Thursday January 13.

Date: January 30 (Sunday) 8AM
Location: Wilson Park, Torrance (2200 Crenshaw Blvd, Torrance)
Fee: $15 (15 and under)/$20 (16 and older)
Bento: $9 (if you like to purchase)
RSVP: January 13, Thursday

Please fill in the form below.

The tournament Divisions are the following:

1) 0-6 kyu (13 and under)
2) 5-4kyu
3) 3-1kyu
7) 1-2DAN
8 ) 3-4DAN
10) SENIORS A (50-59)
11) SENIORS B (60 and OLDER)

2010 SCKO Individual Kendo Championships

1. Date: October 3rd, 2010 (Sunday)
2.Place:Cerritos Regional Park Gym,19700 Bloomfield Ave Cerritos, CA 90703
3. Eligibility:AUSKF Members Only (Please ask Asuka or Natsuko if you don’t know this membership)
4. Event: Individual Kendo Tournament
5. Entree fee: $20.00 (18 & over) $15.00 (17 & under)
6. Bento: $8.00 each

2010 All California Open Kendo Tournament Sunday, September 5th, 2010

2010 All California Open Kendo Tournament

Date: Sunday, September 5th, 2010

Hoover High School Event Center
5550 N. First Street
Fresno, CA 93710

Registration: 8:00 AM – 9:00 AM

• 13-years old and Younger
• 14-17 years old
• Adult Kyu (18-years old and Older)
• Women’s (Kyu & Dan)
• Yudansha (1Dan – 3Dan)
• Yudansha (4Dan & Above)
• Senior (50 years old & Older)
• 11-Member Federation Team

Shinpan: 4-dan and above are eligible

Entry Fee: $15.00 per participant (non-refundable)
Bento: $10.00

Shiai Rules: Individual Divisions
• Individuals can only participate in one individual division
• Each kenshi must supply his/her own set of tasuki
• Time Limits
o All divisions except Yudansha and Seniors: 3 minutes with Hantei
o Yudansha & Senior divisions: 4 minutes and Hantei

Team Competition
• Limit one team per federation
• Teams will consist of 11-members as outlined on attached entry form
• Time limit: 3 minutes / no encho
• In case of a tie between teams in wins and points, winner will be determined by ippon-shobu.
• All other rules will comply with standard rules and regulations set forth by the International Kendo Federation (IKF).

2010 Nikkei Games: Budo Tournament (Kendo)

Date: August 15,2010
Roll Call: 7:30 AM
Place: CSULB, Pyramid

*Yudansha Divisions (Regular Tournament)
1 dan, 2 dan,3 dan,4 dan, and women’s dan
Rules: 4 minutes, unlimited Extension

*Kyu Team
0-4 Kyu Team (3 kenshi, 17 yeas of age and under)
3-1 Kyu Team (3 kenshi, 17 years of age and under)
Rules: Each dojo can submit up to 2 teams in each division
3 minutes, no extension

*Kachinuki Team
3 kenshi consisting of any combination of below mentioned:
-Adult kyu (18 years of age and older)
– Yudansha (up to 3 dan and 30 years of age and older)
Minimum of 2 kenshi per team
Taisho can not tie. If there are any ties prior to the taisho match both participants will sit
No jodan, no nitto, and no tsuki

Each dojo can submit up to 2 teams

Tournament Fee: $20.00

◦ Officials, staff members, spectators, and volunteers have FREE admission. However, will be asked to pay a parking fee.

Volunteer: Three courts and front desk need volunteers

70th Annual NISEI WEEK Kendo Tournaments

Kyu Tournaments
AUGUST 22,2010
Roll Call 8:00~8:30 (all divisions)
Place: Hompa Honganji
815 East First St
Los Angeles, CA 90012

Individual Matches; 3 minutes, 2 min extension, hantei (Except semifinals and final)
Team Matches; 3 minutes, no extension

10years and under any kyu
11 to 13 years any kyu
14 to 15 years any kyu
Women’s kyu 14 and older
Adult 16 and older
1) 0-4 kyu
2) 3-1 kyu

Team (kyu team)
senpo : 11 and under any kyu
jiho : 13 and under any kyu
chuken : 15 and under any kyu
fukusho : any kyu, any age
taisho : any kyu, any age

Tournament Fees:
Kyu Division- $15.00
Bento- $9.00 each
*all fees are non-refundable

Additional requirement for Kendo Rank Promotion Examination

Southern California Kendo Organization

To all SCKO Affiliated Dojo
Regarding: Additional requirement for Kendo Rank Promotion Examination

We would like to announce that Southern California Kendo Organization (SCKO) has decided to add an examination item for 1 Kyu, 2 Kyu, and 3 Kyu promotion exams. The new test item is called “Basic Kendo practice with Bokuto” and All Japan Kendo Federation has been implementing in their promotion exams for the past few years. Please refer to the link below:

Kenshis that have already obtained 1 Dan or higher will not have the opportunity to take this test. However, it is required that these people learn all the basic movements. Please master all 9 basic movements by yourself. If you have any questions, the SCKO Education department will always be happy to help you.

1. General: “Basic Kendo practice with Bokuto” is in total 9 basic steps which incorporates most of the basic Kendo movements. See explanation below (Japanese) and the video.

2. Since this is the first time we are implementing this, we will proceed in stages.
– November 2010 Promotion Exam: All 1 Kyu, 2 Kyu and 3 Kyu examinee must take the Bokuto Keiko Basic 1 to 4.
– April 2011: 1 Kyu and 2 Kyu examinee must take the Bokuto Keiko Basic 1 to 6, and 3 Kyu needs to take Basic 1 to 4.
– November 2011: 1 Kyu examinee must take a Bokuto Keiko Basic 1 to 9, 2 Kyu take Basic 1 to 6, and 3 Kyu take Basic 1 to 4.
– After April 2012: 1 Kyu – Basic 1 to 9
2 Kyu – Basic 1 to 6
3 Kyu – Basic 1 to 4
3. For a better understanding of Bokuto Keiko, SCKO Education will schedule seminars for all Dojo instructors (TBD). All Dojo instructors have the responsible to teach your Dojo members.
4. All 4 Kyu and higher Kenshis need their own Bokuto, which is required to learn Bokuto Keiko and also to take the exam.

This is an official announcement from SCKO and if you have any question, please contact the President, VP/Promotion, VP/education or Secretary of SCKO.

Sincerely yours,
Masaharu Makino
President SCKO

VP/Promotion Examination