Date : Sunday, December 8th

Roll Call : 8:30am

Shinpan Meeting Start : 8:45am

Tournament Start : 9:00am

Location : Cerritos Community Regional Park (19700 South Bloomfield Ave Cerritos, CA 90710)

Eligibility : SCKO Members Only

Entree Fee : None

Bento : All Shinpan and Volunteers, Lunch will be provided by SCKO. *Shinpan must be 3 Dan & Over.

Dead Line : November 20th



Individual Divisions


*Competition format for Non-Bogu is as follows:

Non-Bogu Matches : Single Elimination

Men 2 times, Kote 2 times, Do 2 times for the first match,

Kirikaeshi for the second to semi final match,

Kote-Men 2 times, Kote-Do 2 times in final match.

Winners will be judged by Shinpan.


9 & Under Boys & Girls

10 – 12 Boys & Girls

13&Over Women’s Kyu

13&Over Women’s Dan

13&Over Men’s Kyu

13&Over Men’s Dan (1-2Dan Only)

Men’s Dan (Over 3Dan, Any Age)

Groups of 3 Round-Robin Matches, followed by single elimination tournament

Each participant can enter in only one division.

Rank as of November 1st, 2013.


Team Match Division (One or Two Teams per Dojo)

Senpo : 12 & Under

Jiho : 18 & Under

Chuken : Woman Any Rank

Fukusho : 19 & Older Any Rank

Taisho : 19 & Older Any Rank

Team Matches : Single Elimination


Please fill out the application below:

2013 AUSKF Zone 3 Referee seminar Application form (November 16&17, 2013)

AUSKF Referee Seminar: Zone 3 (NCKF and CCKF)

Dates: Saturday and Sunday, November 16 and 17, 2013


Sponsored by: All U.S. Kendo Federation

Organizing Committee: AUSKF Competition Committee
Instructors: Selected instructors from AUSKF

– Sat., Nov.16th: Leigh High School
(9am – 5pm) 5210 Leigh Ave, San Jose, CA 95124

(8am – 9am) Meeting for all 7 dan sensei – required

– Sun., Nov. 17th: Leigh High School
(8:30am – 12pm)

What each person should bring:
– Kendo-gi and bogu (participants are expected to actively participate as shiai-sha as well)
– Mejirushi (tasuki) for self
– Shimpan-ki (referee flags) for self
– FIK Referee Rules and Regulations Handbook (2006 version)
o mandatory (read prior to attending seminar)
o recommended: AJKF Shimpan Tebiki (Supplementary Handbook)
 (Courtesy of Stroud-sensei, Idaho Kendo Dojo)
 download at: http://www.idaho-kendo.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/06/shinpan_tebiki_rv06.2010.pdf
– Pen/pencil and notepad (always good to take notes!)

Who should attend?
– Kenshi 3-dan to 7-dan
– Why? To improve their shimpan skills
– Any kenshi with desire to learn is a plus
– Additionally: possible consideration for US Championship referee selection

Method of instruction/training:
– Saturday:
o A.M.: Instructional
 Opening ceremony
 Instructions on rules/regulations and theory
 Note: Be familiar with “basic conduct/movement/flag positioning/judgment calls,” as we will assume that 3-dan and above are knowledgeable of these items. This will expedite the morning session.
o P.M.: Practical
 Training exercises with multiple courts with immediate feedback from instructors
 Questions and answer as time permits
 Godo-keiko with all participants as time permits
– Sunday:
o A.M.: Practical exercises continued
 Training/Q&A/Godo-keiko
 Closing ceremony
Hotel Info: We recommend the following hotels, but have not made any special arrangements.

Santa Clara Marriott
2700 Mission College Blvd, Santa Clara, CA ‎
(408) 988-1500

Biltmore Hotel and Suites Santa Clara Hotel
2151 Laurelwood Rd, Santa Clara, CA ‎
(408) 988-8411

Saturday Banquet:

New Port Restaurant
1696 South Wolfe Road
Sunnyvale, CA 94087
(408) 737-9976

Time: 6:30 pm
Cost:$30/person (drinks not included) – Pay at Door

Bento for Saturday/Sunday:

Cost: $10/day (includes drink)


Airport to/from hotel: On own. However, please let us know group (names) and flight schedule. Confirmation of this service will be given at later date.

To/From seminar venue: NCKF will provide transportation from hotel to gym.
Please let us know your arrangements.

2013 Fall SCKO Promotion Exam Application Form (November 17, 2013)

1.Date                         November  17th, 2013
2.Time:                            Roll call     Kyu group: 9:00 AM, Yudansha group: 12:30 PM
3.Place:                           Butokuden Dojo
4.Butokuden’s Deadline:      October 10th, 2013
5.Examination Fee:
Kyu 17 years & under $10.00
Kyu 18 years & above $20.00
1 Dan $15.00
2 Dan $25.00
3 Dan $35.00
4 Dan $45.00

certificate fee(if passed)
Kyu 17 years & under $10.00
Kyu 18 years & above $20.00
1 Dan $30.00
2 Dan $40.00
3 Dan $60.00
4 Dan $80.00
6.Examination items: Kendo match: All ranks (6 Kyu – 4 Dan)
Bokuto Keiko hou fundamental: 1 to 4(3 Kyu); 1 to 6(2 Kyu); 1 to 9(1 Kyu);
Nihon Kendo kata: 1 to 3(1 Kyu); 1 to 5(1 Dan); 1 to 7(2 Dan); 1 to 10(3 Dan and 4 Dan)
Written test:    1 Kyu, 1 Dan, 2 Dan, 3 Dan and 4 Dan

(*1) All 1kyu and 1Dan through 4Dan taking exam must complete the attached written test prior to the exam date. They must submit this on the day of the exam. Written test is last stages of your examination.
(*2) Enclosed is only one copy of each Rank test. Therefore, please make additional copies of the written test and distribute to examination applicants.
(*3) Examinees, which successfully pass all stages of the rank exam, MUST pay Certificate (Menjo) fee at the day of the exam, after the results are announced. Without order certificate, the passed rank will annul.
(*4) AUSKF issue Only English certificate.
(*5) All examinees must be a member of AUSKF and pay their annual fee before submit this examination.