Butokuden Kyudo Member joined the Inaugural Kyudo World Cup!!

On April 21st, 2010 the American Kyudo Team USA will be flying to Japan to compete in the Inaugural Kyudo World Cup. The competition will pit the Team USA members against teams from all around the world, including Germany, France, England and Japan. The World Cup will be held every three years and is considered […]

SCKO Jr Kendo Godogeiko with SCKF Jr

To all SCKO Juniors:

I hope everyone is practicing very hard.

I have spoken to Chris Yang Sensei (SCKF Junior Coach) and we are planning to do a Godogeiko with the SCKF Juniors.

Location: Norwalk Dojo Date/Time: Sunday May 2, 9AM 9 – 12AM Meeting time: 8:30AM Address: Norwalk Kendo Dojo 14615 Gridley Rd Norwalk […]


The Southern California Kendo Organization will be holding its 14th Memorial Day Kendo Tournament.

This is the team tournament. And each team has 3 Kenshis. After you sign up, Ariga Sensei will decide the team and order for you. There are 13 years & Under division, 14 -17 years, Adult Kyu (18 & Over), Adult […]

SCKO Junior Practice Schedule

Date Weekday Description Location Note 4/2 Friday Junior Practice Cerritos (Note *1: Location/Time) 4/9 Friday NO PRACTICE Cerritos Taro Absent (Note *2) 4/16 Friday Junior Practice Cerritos 4/18 Sunday SCKO Promotion Exam OSULA 4/23 Friday NO PRACTICE Cerritos 4/30 Friday Junior Practice Cerritos 5/7 Friday NO PRACTICE Cerritos Taro Absent (Note *2) 5/14 Friday […]